New York, NY – 04/01/11 – Baryshnikov Arts Center – Syren Dance- Toward Home

Syren Dance- Toward Home
Friday, April 1, 2011
7:30pm -
37 ARTS building, 450 West 37th Street
New York, NY
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"Toward Home" is an exploration of home through dance and music. The cast of eight dancers and six instrumentalists work together moving through a vivid landscape of dynamic ideas: departure, new love, loss, adventure, longing, and reinvention. Lush movement and nuanced, idiosyncratic physical details are intertwined with charged and colorful music that ranges from the lyrical and melodic to the wild and electric. These disparate journeys converge as the path toward home is found, abandoned, and re-created.
Choreographer: Kate St.Amand
Composer: Damon Ferrante
Dancers: Jean-Renè Homehr, Jere Hunt, Chanelle Lagacé, Erin Ghislin Lane, Xuexin (Nico) Li, Brigitte Mitchell, Chihiro Shimizu, Lynn Peterson
Musicians: The Paumanok Trio
Lighting Designer: Kate Ashton
Graphic Designer: Eric March

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