Vox n Plux show in NYC

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Vox n Plux
Thursday, May 30, 2013
8:00pm –
HiArt Gallery (map)
227 West 29th Street
New York, NY
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THE HIART STUDIO 227 W29stFrank Brickle                            Estat ai un greu cosserier
Ab Nou Cor
Genius Loci
Denk Es, O Seele!

Chares Ives (arr. Bill Anderson):            Cradle Song
Those Evening Bells

Manuel DeFalla:                                    Selections from Seven Popular Songs

Matthew Greenbaum:                          West-Ostliches Divan

Bill Anderson:                                    Provencal
My Morphine  (Gillian Welch, arr. Anderson)


Denis Apivor:                                     Seis Canciones

Andrew Violette:                        Pistis Sophias
Charles Wuorinen:                        Dodecadactyl
(Fader/Anderson Le Cirque)

Sidney Corbett:                                    Achipel Chagall II (Le Cirque)

Vox n Plux combines the Anderson-Fader Guitar Duo with noted soprano Elizabeth Farnum. Though newly established, the Duo have been performing and recording with Ms. Farnum for 2 decades, as members of the two-guitar based Cygnus Ensemble. The Trio has been heard in concerts in New York, New Jersey, San Francisco and other states. Vox n Plux specializes in contemporary music, especially the work of American composers, and also performs music by the early masters (Monteverdi, Dowland, Bach). The trio also offers voice paired with other instruments, including classical and electric guitars, mandolin, banjo and theorbo.